Growth and Conservation

Where I Stand:

○ No increase of square footage or units beyond 1994 plan, except for deed restricted workforce housing, and incentives for conservation.
○ Future electeds can tweak the  LDRs to react to unforseen imbalances in zoning.
○ The pace of growth has as big an effect on quality of life as the amount of growth.
○ We shouldn’t retrict our roadway system to inadequate levels of service as a surrogate for responsible land use planning.
○ We need to protect our stable neighborhoods.
○ Growth in government and institutional uses adds to our traffic and workforce housing problems.
○ Some of the activities and development that has been the most destructive to our community character has been sponsored and implemented by local government.

The Challenge:

Our valley is a magnificent, world-class jewel of open space, ranching heritage, wildlife habitat and open space that should be protected for both the quality of life of our residents and the enjoyment of our visitors. The Town of Jackson is a beautiful place with an iconic town square and charming stable neighborhoods.

We have a duty to preserve the character of our valley and town. Development interests, commercial interests, and government interventions have the ability to enhance our community, or can damage it’s character.

Growth and change are inevitable, but without smart planning the pace and amount of growth could overwhelm our quality of life.

The Solution:

We should avoid sprawl in the county by focusing development into appropriate areas of Town and Teton Village. Any expansion of allowed units or square footage in the county should be strictly tied to preservation of rural values.

Town should work to preserve stable neighborhoods while encouraging denser development in the urban core. Any increase in development rights should be targeted specifically at development types that are out of balance – currently that means deed restricted workforce housing.

Our comprehensive plan gives us the tools to control and channel growth. We need our electeds to have the courage to stand up to special interests who want to cash in on our valley. We also need electeds that recognize that government itself can be a threat to our quality of life, and make sure that government actions make sense and are consistent with the comprehensive plan.

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